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Canadian Independent Recording Artists

The Canadian Independent Music Association, which was formerly called the Canadian Independent Record Production Association, maintains a non-for-profit division to offer support, information, and education to musicians. MusicOntario works to promote Ontario and Canadian musicians, facilitate access to international and home opportunities, and educate and inform the community. Notable members of the association include the Sultans of String, Soul Motion Artists, Sidney York, The Jessica Stuart Few, and others.

CIMA, Programs, and Funding Bodies

CIMA or the Canadian Independent Music Association offers support to performers, songwriters, and emerging artists who are looking for performance opportunities, marketing ideas, and sources of revenue. The association also engages in advocacy and is represented on a number of committees and boards to show support for programs and policies that benefit the music industry. The goal is to facilitate the development and implementation of provincial and federal programs that offer funding opportunities to independent artists.  Funding bodies and organizations include the Radio Starmaker Fund, Ontario Media Development Corporation, Canada Council for the Arts, Unison Benevolent Fund, and others. The Ontario Media Development Corporation, for example, offers funding to interactive digital media and producers across different industries such as magazines, books, music, television, and film. The Canada Council for the Arts is another funding body that offers arts promotion activities as well as prizes, endowments, and grants.

Events and Opportunities

The association also features events, programs, and festivals that offer opportunities for professional growth and development. Examples are the Tallinn Music Week, Toronto Arts Foundation Awards, CCMA Discovery Program, and the Wavelength Music Festival. The CCMA Discovery Program is open to Canadian artists who are looking for mentorship opportunities. The Tallinn Music Week is organized in Tallinn, Estonia as an annual event that features a music industry conference and a festival. International and Estonian musicians perform across a diverse range of genres.

The Canadian Independent Music Association also provides support to artists eager to participate in the Canada Blast events – Halifax Pop Explosion, Music Tech Summit and Mission, A2IM Indie Week, Australian Music Week, and others. Only artists who meet certain criteria will be considered, and those who have previously participated in major events do not qualify. Artists who have a digital release or an album meet the criteria provided that they have a Canadian team comprised of an agent, publishing company, manager, label, and so on. Landed immigrants and Canadian citizens are welcome to perform at the Canada Blast events.

Team and Partners

CIMA offers support for collective and individual activities and initiatives and consists of marketing experts, consultants, publicists, showcase producers, and other professionals. The membership base includes artists, directors, video producers, managers, recording studios, record labels, as well as record producers. MusicOntario, CIMA’s membership-based unit offers music industry education and support and focuses on professional development, marketing, networking activities, industry promotion, and advocacy. The division also offers a partnership discount program, networking opportunities, e-blasts, and workshops.

The association works in cooperation with partners such as Music Yukon, Music Ontario, East Coast Music, the Radio Starmaker Fund, Canada Factor, and many others. CIMA’s partner, CORUS Entertainment is a broadcasting and media company which offers sponsorship and corporate donations. Music Yukon works to support Yukon artists and facilitate the distribution, sale, and production of recordings and music.

Notable Members

A Toronto-based instrumental music band, Sultans of String plays music featuring elements of different genres – Cuban, Arabic folk, Spanish flamenco, and others. The group has been nominated for a number of awards during the years, including the Canadian Folk Music Award, World Group of the Year, Folk Music Ontario, and Festivals & Events Ontario, among others. The Jessica Stuart Few is also a member of CIMA and a Toronto-based rock, soul, R&B, and Indie group. Other CIMA members include artists, bands, and labels such as the Liberty Music Services, Howling Turtle, NJ Taylor, and the Bobby Curtola Entertainment Group. The membership base also includes categories such as music publishing groups, funding organizations, cultural agencies, collectives, booking agents, management, and digital media.